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If someone handed you 50 cents, would you throw it away? I’m guessing that very few people would. If someone handed you a 50-cent coupon for a product you use every day, would you throw it away? If you’re currently throwing away coupons, you’re throwing away free money.

My family has not paid for toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo or conditioner in over a year through the use of coupons. We also routinely are able to get other food and non-food items for next to nothing. For example, a few weeks ago I got 5 boxes of Kashi cereal for $1.90 matching store sales and coupons. That’s less than the regular price for one box.

Clipping coupons can become overwhelming especially if you’ve never clipped before. So where do you start? My suggestion is to start with the brands you use most. If you get the Sunday paper, go through the coupon inserts and only clip coupons for the products you know you use often. Then go to the websites of your favorite brands and join their e-mail lists for special promotions and you will start receiving coupons in your inbox and your mailbox. I suggest starting a separate e-mail account just for promotional offers, to avoid getting any unwanted spam in your regular e-mail account. You can also print coupons from online services like Coupons.com (see box in sidebar under “Print Coupons Now!”).

Starting small will get your feet wet without being overwhelmed. In the next part of this coupon series, I will share with you easy ways to match coupons with store sales to save even more and take it one step further with the no-cut couponing method.

5 Responses to “Coupon Series Part I: Coupons = Cash”

  1. Coupons rock. I just bought an entertainment book and there is sooooo much in there that is useful. Most people just don’t think about using them because there are few coupons for the things they normally do or use. The key is, use it to find NEW things to do and use. I can see not having to pay full price for anything over the next 12 months. That’s kinda cool.


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment Stoney! You’re right about the Entertainment Book! There are also usually good coupons in there for the bakery outlets. Last year we got 10 loaves of bread, 5 packages of bagels and 2 packs of hot dog buns for a little over $5 at the Nickels Bakery Outlet using the coupon from the Entertainment Book. We froze the extra bread & bagels and were set for weeks!

  3. nicole haren says:

    a few of the ladies from my work regularly go to giant eagle and get things for FREE, or the store gives them money back…lol..they do it with coupons and the giant eagle specials and douple coupons but i tell them all the time to take me to the store and show me, but they wont.

  4. admin says:

    Nicole, I’ll take you to the store sometime! I was there tonight and got 12 pouches of Betty Crocker Potatoes and Palmolive Dish Detergent for $1.08. My next post in the series will cover how to get those kinds of deals. It’s really not that hard!

  5. Mary Vlahos says:

    http://www.retailmenot.com is another great place to get coupons, my 16 year old daughter turned me on to that one.

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