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Freecycle is a great nationwide program that can help you save money, keep items out of our landfills and give back to your community.

How it Works

There are freecycle groups around the country operated by volunteer moderators. Go to www.freecycle.org to find your local group and join. Once you have joined, you will start receiving emails when other people post items to the group. There are three types of posts: offer, wanted and taken. You can then begin responding to offers of items you are interested in, post things you have to offer or items you want. More information on the mechanics of the program can be found at www.freecycle.org or will be given to you by your local moderator when you join.

My Experience With Freecycle

Overall my experience with my local Freecycle group has been fantastic. I have responded to offers and received items such as a new Exersaucer, cordless phone, clothes for my kids (some new with tags), infant formula, jars of baby food and more. It has also made my community a little smaller by giving me the opportunity to meet people I probably would not have come into contact with in my daily life.

I have also given away a ton of stuff on Freecycle. For me, offering something on Freecycle is easier than taking it to Goodwill because it saves gas and time. It’s picked up right off of my front porch (usually within 24 hours) by someone who truly wants it and can use it.

With that said, unless you respond to an offer shortly after it’s been posted you’ll probably be out of luck. Also, sometimes what is being offered turns out to not be that great once you see it (those items I just repost). When offering items, I have had people not show up to pick up the item, and that can be an annoyance.

Again, overall, my experience has been very positive. If you live in a large metropolitan area there may be several groups and for smaller areas it may be a countywide group.

Try it out and see if it works for you! www.freecycle.org

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  1. nicole haren says:

    i LOVE freecycle….i look for things around the house just to give away. We have so much clutter in my house, i feel sooo much better giving things to someone then just throwing them out.

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