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Many fast food chains offer trick-or-treat coupons that you can buy to give out as treats on Halloween. Locally, McDonald’s is the only fast food restaurant offering these. I buy these not for trick or treaters but for my own family. For $1, you get a “Tricks & Treats Pack” which offers 12 coupons. There are coupons for 3 Free Bags of Apple Dippers, 3 Free Small Apple Juices or Milk Jugs, 3 Free Small Cones, and 3 Free Hamburgers. McDonald's Trick & Treats Pack

I don’t like to eat fast food with my kids very often but we have two McDonald’s in our area with Play Places. With cold weather upon us, I plan on taking the kids there occasionally as a treat and using the coupons.

You may want to check with your local fast food chains to see what they are offering. But hurry, these offers will be gone soon!

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