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I was in the Massillon Target this morning and they have started to mark the toys on clearance to 75% off. I paid $167.12 for $669.53 worth of toys! Woohoo!

My Deals from Target Toy Clearance

My Deals from Target Toy Clearance

Watch for deals in other areas of the store too. Other items I found marked 75% off were picture frames, photo albums, kitchen gadgets, CFLs, luggage, and other hardware and automotive items. Some of the kids and adult clothes has been marked 75% off but, at least at my store, the signs still said 30% or 50% off. I found corduroy pants for my daughter for $3, turtlenecks for my son for $1 and sweaters for myself for $5.

Again, at least in my store, there are a lot of items in the recreation department like golf clubs, bats, balls, tents, sleeping bags that are currently at 30% or 50% off. These items will be marked down to 75% off probably within the next week.

Target will do a big clearance like this at the end of July, beginning of August when they clear out merchandise (in all departments) in preparation for Christmas. I’ll keep you posted later in the year when I see that start to happen in the stores.

Happy bargain hunting!

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  1. Great post! Its not unusual to see grocery store pictures of someone’s great deals but to see pics of the toy deals is rare- in my experience. Thanks for sharing… I may have to check out Target today.

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