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3 Responses to “Not Your Grandmother’s Cloth Diapers”

  1. Betty Zmij says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Boy cloth diapers have certainly come up in price. I used them for my first two kids and then with 3 & 4 got lazy. They were something like $5 or $6 back then. I hope the lady who you get yours from doesn’t get into anyone like we had when I worked at Sears. This woman would use most of a box of disposables and then bring the box back and say the diapers did not work as stated and she wanted to try another one. I can not tell you how many times she did this until we finally were able to cut her off. God knows how many Sears stores she went to buying diapers and returning them with one or two in the box. She also brought in a diaper once that was over filled with pee, to show us that the diaper did not hold water as it should. Geeze!
    The best to you, I think cloth is best, just be sure to remind your bloggers to rinse them very well, so no bleach or detergent residue is left in the cloth because it will burn the babies butt when mixed with urine if the diaper is not changed soon after soiled.
    Just a little note from an old mom!

  2. […] use cloth diapers on the kids when we are at home so that I am able to throw the cloth baby wipes in with the cloth […]

  3. Janet says:

    Cool stuff! Will be sure to come back again. Love the theme!

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