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A few months ago the dimmer switch dimmer switch to the chandelier in our dining room broke. My cousin, also our trusty electrician, talked us into replacing the dead dimmer switch with a regular switch to allow us to use CFL bulbs. CFL Laying on CoinsOur dining room also serves as my office and the kids do all of their coloring and art projects at the dining room table, it gets a lot of use!

The old bulbs were 40w each and the new CFL blubs are 7w each, the fixture has 8 bulbs. Using a conservative estimate that the fixture is used 10hrs. a week, I calculated that this will save us $15 a year. I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot but that’s only 8 bulbs out of 29 we have in our house.

After amassing quite a collection of CFLs through clearance deals I decided today to make the switch throughout the rest of the house. This should help us save a few extra bucks every month on our electric bill. If you haven’t already made the switch, you might want to start keeping an eye out for good deals on CFL bulbs.

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