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Save Some Dough on Bread

We fly through loaves of bread in our house with both my husband and son eating a PB & J sandwich almost everyday. To save money we have started buying our bread at the local Nickels Bakery Outlet. We can get day old bread (still 3 days from the sell by date) for half the price it is in stores.

slice-of-breadThe bread outlet is a few miles from our house and out of our way, to go for one or two loaves at a time would not be a savings. So instead of buying a loaf or two, we buy eight or ten loaves (6-8 wk supply for us) and freeze them.

You might be surprised that in addition to loaves of bread, hot dog and hamburger buns by the local bakery you might also find national brand baked goods. For example, on our last trip we found Weight Watchers English Muffins and Arnold Sandwich Thins for only $0.50 a package!

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