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We watch very little TV in our house. My husband watches virtually no TV, the kids would rather watch movies from the library and I only have two shows that I follow regularly. Spending $23 a month for 20 channels with “lifeline” cable has become harder and harder to justify.

A week ago I ditched the cable, and for the last week I’ve been watching my two shows online and, in the process, discovered Roku.

What is Roku? It’s a handy-dandy box that you hook up to your TV (it does not need to be an HDTV) and you can stream TV programming from the Internet. It comes with some free stations, but the big thing is that you can stream Netflix and soon Hulu Plus subscriptions.

I couldn’t find a bad review online for the product, so today I signed up. At the suggestion of a techie friend, I purchased the $59.95 model (the cheapest). I also did a little research and found an offer for $20 off with a new subscription to Netflix. I have posted a link below to the offer (it automatically pulls in my glowing quote of them, lol).

Once we get it hooked up, I’ll post a review of how we like it. To find out more about Roku, visit www.roku.com

Have you switched to Roku or something else instead of cable?

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