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Gray FamilyI’m Kathy Gray, wife of Aaron and mommy to Andy (2006) and Marybeth (2008). I’ve always been a saver and a bargain hunter. After all, how many college kids actually clip coupons?¬† My real frugal journey began when I found out I was pregnant with Andy. We had been married for 5 months and our “plan” was to be married for a year, save for a house and then start a family. God had other plans. All of a sudden we were saving for the house AND a new baby. We moved into our house at the end of May and Andy was born at the beginning of July. It was a crazy time!

While I was on maternity leave with Andy, I started reading some books about saving money and also started following some blogs. I was feeling the working mother guilt and was wondering if there would be any way we could swing me staying home with him. Then 9 months after Andy was born I found out I was pregnant again. This is what really kicked my frugal journey into high gear. With a second on the way and the high cost of daycare, I knew I wanted more time with my kids. I started crunching numbers and we decided we could make ends meet if I went part-time. I started reading even more on how to save money and started implementing some of the tips and ideas I was reading about. If I was going to go part-time I had to make up for the lost income somewhere. I have been cutting corners wherever I can ever since then.

I was recently featured in an article in the Canton Repository about my money-saving ways and that¬† was like coming out of the closet for me. My good friends and family knew what I was doing to save money and cut corners but it wasn’t something I publicized and I often felt like it was something I needed to hide. The feedback from the article convinced me otherwise. It has been truly amazing to me how many people I don’t even know have come up to me and said “You’re the girl from the Repository who makes her own baby wipes!” They tell me what they do to save money, ask me questions, and tell me how much they loved the article. My friends and family keep asking me about what I do or to send them information on how to save money.

I have come across blogs, books and people that take frugality to such an extreme that the average person feels overwhelmed and intimidated by it all. I have come to the realization that everyone has to take their own unique frugal journey. What works for one person may not for another. What one person values as a must-have item or experience may not be the same for another person. What may seem to be extreme frugality may seem normal to someone else. What motivates and inspires one person to start down the frugal path may not be what inspires another.

This realization and the constant questions from friends, family members and total strangers is what inspired me to start this blog. My hope is that this blog inspires others and helps other people realize that you can take baby steps to becoming more frugal, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I hope you enjoy my blog and find some helpful tips that work for you.

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  1. joe boyle sr says:

    how do i subscriibe and pass this site along

  2. admin says:

    You can subscribe by entering your email address in the box in the right-hand sidebar of this page that says “Subscribe by Email” and follow the directions.

    To pass it along you can either use the “ShareThis” button at the end of the story or you can copy this link http:www.myfrugaljourney.com to pass along.

    Thank you!!

  3. Aunt Nora says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Great site, looks like good common sense at work here. I pretty much do what you do. But after my 5 kids have grown and moved on, I sometimes find it hard to pass up the bogo and coupon doubles and find I overstock. lol ditto on the charities. But gosh it is really hard to pass up a great bargain!!!

    Hope you all are doing really well,

    Love, Aunt Nora

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